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     To Help-A-Knight, I will:

     _____  Take calls for information about my area.  NO COLLECT CALLS.

     _____  Allow a Red Knight to stay overnight in my home.

     _____  Allow a Red Knight to put up a tent on my property.

     _____  Allow a Red Knight to leave a bike on my property.

     _____  Bring my tools to Help-A-Knight who has broken down.

     _____  Pick up a Red Knight’s bike with my pick-up truck or trailer.

    The Red Knight MC Alabama Chapter 2 meets the first Thursday of each month at
    Logan's Roadhouse at Eastwood.  We eat at 6:00 PM and meet at 7:00 PM.

                                           For Additional Information, email:

                                 Skip Kittrell, President –
                Robert Boroughs, Vice-President –
                  Cindy Jones, Secretary/Treasurer –

                         Red Knights AL Chapter 2 website:
                             The International website: